House Of Lords Indestructible

House Of Lords return with new album Indestructible released on Frontiers on June the 5th in Europe and North America on the 9th of June.

I have been a fan of the band since their debut album way back in 1989 and this is the bands 10th studio album with the current line up now celebrating a decade together.

I was a little disappointed with the bands last cd Precious Metal from 2014 which seemed to me the band were treading water and I have never felt that way before.

Indestructible sees a welcome return to form with a trademark cd full of grandiose hard rock with plenty of razor sharp riffs,pounding drums and of course melodies by the bucketload.

The band know what we as fans expect and don't let us down with James Christian on vocals leading the way displaying the full melodic range of his voice.The rhythm team of Chris McCarvill on bass and BJ Zampa on drums are rock solid giving the band a tight punchy core and Jimi Bell on guitars shows again that he is one of the finest around with his fiery soloing as always a highlight.

After a short Gothic style intro we are off with Go To Hell with Jimi's squealing riff before a real heads down charge with a chugging riff and driving drum pattern.Keys add a real depth to the sound and it all builds to a big chorus which is multi layered with I believe added vocals from James's wife Robin Beck.One of the heaviest songs the band have done in a while and Jimi's signature fast fingered solo as always hit's the spot!

The title track has a nice eastern flavoured guitar solo at it's heart and another big chorus with plenty of layers.Love the way the main guitar riff,bass and drums all pound together.

Pillar Of Salt takes it down a notch with James really showing his class on a song that ebbs and flows with a picked electric acoustic riff.It builds to a classic House Of Lords chorus.

100 mph as the title suggests is a rollocking fast rocker all drums and guitar riff with Jimi in the lead role either riffing or soloing.A big chorus with some double bass from Zampa and a definite on the upcoming tour setlist.

Call My Bluff has a more AOR theme with keys more upfront in fact could have come from one the early albums and the following track We Will Always Will Be The One leads on well.A slow paced ballad with James in great voice and some nice guitar melodies pre chorus and Jimi shows on the guitar solo he can play with real emotion and feel too.

Die To Tell starts on a crushing drum pattern and some Gregorian chanting before the main guitar riff drives us off on a real bruising rocker that still manages to have a real melodic chorus.Jimi shows another facet to his game with a picked guitar solo that builds into a fast fingered crescendo.

Another Dawn is a mid paced rocker with a main guitar riff that is stop started with a keyboard riff that works very well.Big chorus with James holding onto the notes and some Def Leppard style vocal extra's.

Eye Of The Storm is a slower paced ballad with more Def Leppardism's pre chorus on the vocals and has a pop type feel to it.No guitar solo which might have saved it on the weakest song on the album.

Thankfully they turn the heat up on Ain't Suicidal with a fast paced rocker that builds to a layered chorus before Stand And Deliver finishes the album again at pace.Jimi's chugging riff with Zampa's driving drums at the forefront as they manage to keep the melodic quota high even when the band are rocking out.

House Of Lords have been one of the most consistent acts on the planet over the last decade and for me are back at their best with Indestructible.

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