Klogr Make Your Stand

Klogr was a completely new name for me.Here at Rockgig we do get sent a lot of music but very rarely do you have a listen to a completely new name and think wow I like that.

2014 it was Seventrain this year it is Klogr.

Klogr  (pronounced Kay - log - are) have released 2 albums the last being 2014's Black Snow album and have band members from Capri in Italy and also San Diego.

They call themselves alternative rock/metal which is a broad description and say they are influenced by the following bands A Perfect Circle, Nin, Alter Bridge, Metallica, Deftones, Tool, Porcupine Tree.I can see that but what I love amongst big riffs and guitar solo's,killer drums and vocal melodies is that they go from brutally heavy to quiet and know when to take it down and then build it all back up again.

Make A Stand is made up of 3 new tracks and 10 live tracks on cd and you also get a dvd with the following on it.DV

Live in Trezzo: 45 minutes live show filmed at the Live Music Club in Trezzo (November 2014, supporting GUANO APES)
Behind the scenes: 120 minutes of documentary on the band ("'Till You Decay' ''Till You Turn 1&2' 'Black Snow European Tour' 'Make Your Stand')

Led by Rusty on guitars and vocals and ably assisted by Pietro also on guitars and the rhythm team of Joba on bass and Rob on drums we start with the 3 new songs.

Breaking Down is first up and starts with massive drum barrage and heavy riff where you can imagine the crowd going nuts..As the vocals start we have a different riff and just before the chorus a few seconds of quiet before a roar and drum blitz before a melodic chorus.
After the second chorus again it goes down with a superbly picked and highly melodic guitar solo before it all builds up again and a faster guitar solo part.Excellent.

Here is the video have a look.

Make Your Stand is next and is more modern metal but with some older thrashier elements but still time for a little light and shade at the start before a big riff.Some growling vocals in the verse but they show a melodic chorus can still sit in a song with crushing guitar and drums.Fast fingered guitar solo too.

Last song on the ep Breathing Heart starts on a picked electric riff and the band show real quality with the song ebbing and flowing from quiet to heavy with a vocal that brings to mind Linkin Park.2 guitar solo's one slower and picked the other a real squealer!!

The live material showcases the band as seen on tour with Prong last year and includes all 4 singles from the Black Snow album.

Difficult to pick out a favourite although Zero Tolerance's razor guitar riff and superb solo need another look.

Fans of quality heavy music look out for Klogr you won't be disappointed.

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