Palace Of The King White Bird/Burn The Sky

Palace Of The King release their debut album White Bird / Burn The Sky on Listenable Records on the 12th of June.

Palace Of The King have been lauded by Airbourne's Joel O'Keefe  as "six-stringing, soul singing, stomping Rock’n’Roll! They are the real f***in deal!"

Joel isn't wrong as you won't hear many better debut album's this year.

Hailing from Melbourne their debut album was largely recorded at ColourSound Recording Studio with mixing duties handled by both Mike Tholen at Rax Trax Recording in Chicago as well as Rick Will at Oxygen Studios in Sydney.

The band Tim Henwood – Vocals and Percussion,Leigh Maden – Guitars,Matthew Harrison – Guitars,Andrew Gilpin – Bass Guitar,Anthony Troiano – Drums and Sean Johnston – Keys formed in late 2012, Palace Of The King – nameless at that point – quickly recorded a three-track demo and developed the vision of a six-piece blues-infused rock and roll band.
With both feet firmly planted in retro blues heavy rock what you get grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go.Whether it is big riffs and tight guitar solo's,pounding drums,choruses with hooks the size of double decker buses,a Hammond organ swathe,a saxophone solo so lets throw it all in or a groove laden band workout that makes you want to shake your soul then check this one out.
Every replay of the album finds a new treat be it a riff,vocal melody or band workout but hear goes with a few highlights on an album chock full of them.
Take Your Medicine has a big held guitar chord at it's heart before it really explodes pre chorus with an even bigger power chord entwined with Hammond organ as the rhythm team lay down a rock hard beat.Henwood shines with his vocal style part Robert Plant with a hint to Geddy Lee at a party with Axl Rose!!
No Chance In Hell keeps the pace up with a Deep Purple style psychedelic start before an AC/DC guitar riff drives the song along before a real shout out chorus.
Another Thing Coming has a real stomp to it with equal parts Hammond and guitar riff and again a Deep Purple feel to it.
Burn My Bridges has a drum and Hammond start before a band workout with everyone fighting for attention and succeeding.
White Bird is all stop start guitar riff with a sledgehammer drum pattern holding it all together.The second half of the song seems very improvised with guitar soloing and Hammond parts and you can imagine live them having a ball with it.
Leave Me Behind is a rock n'roll stompathon with a fast pace too it and a saxophone solo and added horns all adding even more layers to the sound.
Devil's Daughter has the best and biggest chorus on the album with a held chord progression under it and it just reeks class throughout.
Get Back and If It Ain't Broke rock out the album on a high with AC/DC riffs holding out against the Hammond attack and a harmonica solo in the former because we hadn't had one yet!!
10 tracks 40 minutes is what you get giving you a dose of good time rock n'roll with balls that is a perfect summer album material and I can only imagine what they are like on a live stage.With European dates due later in the year let's hope they play in a town near you!!


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