Robert Plant - Westonbirt Arboretum 10/7/15

If you're reading this on the desktop version of you'll notice the background is a collection of concert tickets from the 80's. These are mine, framed and up on the wall of the Man Cave between a signed picture of Jason Robinson scoring a try in the Rugby World Cup final and another signed pic , this time of Carl Fogarty, knee down and leaning into one of his seven world championships. The reason for this quick guided tour of the wall above my desk is that included in those tickets is the stub from the only time I have seen my favourite vocalist of all time.  Oxford Apollo Sunday 18th December 1983 - ticket price £4.50. I was 18 and in awe.

However if my memory serves me right he refused to play a single Led Zeppelin song. I can understand why, but it never stopped the guy next to me shouting "Staaaiiiirrrrwwayyyyy" between every song.

As the years have gone on, you will see from the set list below that Mr Plant has embraced his history and if it's possible actually improved upon it.

Theres no doubt that some of the tracks that this band have recorded are by far the best thing that Robert Plant has been involved with post-Zep, and I say that as a fan of all of his work.

So tonight is the first night of the european jaunt, and as the sunlight fades in the beautiful surroundings of Westonbirt Arboretum; The Sensational Space Shifters are in superb form.

Now before we go any further, I'm not one of those guys with a photographic memory for setlists like fellow Rockgigger ME, and as I've paid for the ticket myself I'm not going to waste a second of the gig by writing stuff down .. so forgive me if this is wrong (I'm relying on my memory and )... they definitely started with The Wanton Song.. which set the scene for a number of classic Zep moments.


..this ain't no tribute band, almost every song was re-invented in some way, and it worked a charm. Recognisable enough for the crowd to sing every word, but different enough to keep Robert's creative juices flowing.

The one thing that I haven't mentioned yet is the voice.  Is it still there?   oh yes. I'm 50 now and still in awe.

just listen ...

So (courtesy of this is what they played.
  1. (Led Zeppelin song)
  2. (Led Zeppelin song)
  3. (Led Zeppelin song)
  4. (Willie Dixon cover)
  5. (Led Zeppelin song)
  6. ([traditional] cover)
  7. (Led Zeppelin song)
  8. Encore:
  9. ([traditional] cover)
  10. (Led Zeppelin song)

A warm summer evening in an arboretum with my lady by my side,  a coolbox filled with gin and pies, and Robert Plant singing about lemons.  It doesn't actually get any better than that.

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