Neal Morse Morsefest 2014 cd/dvd/blu ray

Massive in every detail.

That is from the weekend of the 14th and 15th of November 2014 when this epic release took place in Nashville to the release of the 2 dvd/4 cd boxset of Morsefest 2014 that is due to be released on Friday the 21st of August.

Over the course of more than 5 hours and 2 nights Neal Morse and his band lovingly reproduce 2 of his classic albums in their entirety.

2003's Testimony and 2004's One (that also includes b sides as the original was too long for a 78 minute cd) plus special encores of the Spock's Beard classic The Light featuring Alan Morse(guitar), and the Transatlantic epic Stranger In Your Soul.

Long-time collaborators Mike Portnoy(drums) and Randy George(bass) as well as Neal Morse Band anchors, Bill Hubauer(keys) and Eric Gillette(guitar) join Neal as well as a 4 piece horn section, 6 member female background vocal section, violin and cello, full orchestra percussion with timpani and chimes, dancers, special guests and special staging, this is the most elaborate live release of Neal Morse's career.

Neal even flew out Rich Mouser who mixed the original studio albums to do the front of house mix! Neal says "We really went all out this time. I wanted it to be the quintessential presentation and performance of this music." And so it was...and is!

With fans flying in from all over the world this is a fan's Christmases all rolled into one.With a VIP experience including special acoustic performance (here as an extra on the dvd)and a "Name That Prog Tune" game with Mike Portnoy as host with fans working out prog songs with only a bar or two to decide.One of the winners got Mike to cut off the end of his beard as a prize!!

In my mind it is impossible to pick a highlight when for any fan of Neal's music would say this would be a life highlight with this being the first time this had ever been tried let alone pulled off!!

Lovingly created and wonderfully put together the epic sound scapes and band interplay is nothing short of breathtaking with Portnoy driving the band in his inimitable style with more fills than it would seem possible but always in control.Being it acoustic,rock and prog rock they are all played magnificently with every band member playing their part immaculately.

Neal is centre stage at his keyboard but with his head microphone he joins the crowd on many occasions whilst guitar soloing and at one point being mobbed by 3 guys who suddenly realise that they are in fact holding up the main man's music.

But there in that instant is the joy of this release.For a fan to see and get so close to the music that they love is priceless and worth ever penny they paid.Memories now caught on camera and cd forever!!

After Morsefest 2014 was such a success Morsefest 2015 will take place on September 4th and 5th with the  “?” and Sola Scriptura albums being played in their entirety.

One day every band will have it written into their contract's that they have to do this and the world will be a better place.

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