Chantel McGregor – Lose Control

Photo - Steve Howdle
Guitarist and singer-songwriter Chantel McGregor will release her new album, Lose Control, on Friday 9 October 2015 on her independent boutique label Tis Rock Music, this album has a harder, bigger and bolder rock sound than her first studio album, Like No Other.  
Chantel has taken influences from the dark side of southern gothic literature, artwork and media to take the listener into new musical territory of dark undercurrents and disturbing concepts.

The album is a fantastic mix of heavy guitar riffs and emotive, haunting yet beautiful acoustic tracks. The opening track and new single Take the Power is getting air play on Planet Rock, the supporting video can be found on You Tube. The track stems from a song that Chantel wrote a couple of years ago that she was never satisfied with, the music has be changed slightly and the lyrics rewritten. The song is about religious and social cults and loss of control and has been influenced by Nivarna, Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots. Continuing with the rock sound Your Fever draws on the same grunge influences.
Burn Your Anger also carries on the rock sound of the album but also has really catchy chorus that you can sing along to. I was slightly surprised that this track wasn’t the one selected as a single. Chantel took her influences from the Gillian Flynn book Gone Girl for this one.  
The next track, Anaesthetize is an emotive acoustic track dealing with the subject of substance abuse. This track really showcases Chantel’s lovely voice. Before the listener can get too relaxed the mood of the album is brought back to the rock feel with the fantastic Southern Belle, Musically it is the most bluesy and American sounding track on the album. A real cracker of a track that sets out a theme of indulgence and debauchery.
Photo - Steve Howdle

The title track, Lose Control, has a great guitar riff and distorted vocals that allows the listener to lose themselves in the party of the music. In total contrast Home is another splendid acoustic track which I hope gets aired in the live show. The song is about spending time on the road away from home and is enhance by the inclusion of cellos and violins to give added depth and tenderness. This track again highlights Chantel’s beautiful voice.

It’s back to the rock for Killing Time, influenced by more contemporary rock bands such as Royal Blood. The song is about a serial killer and the riffed based rock adds a vicious edge to the track. 
Eternal Dream has been inspired by artist Jeff Buckley, Chantel wrote this lovely track as a tribute to him.
The album closes with Walk on Land this has more of Progressive Rock sound having been influenced by Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree. The track provide a different dimension to the album, with different time signatures. The improvised guitar solo was recorded in one take with the drummer and captures that spontaneity and excitement of the solo.
This album takes several plays to really appreciate it, but it really grows on you.

Well done Chantel a fantastic album.
Photo - Ian Stafford
You can see Chantel McGregor on tour in the UK at the following venues.

Birmingham Institute, The Temple                  Thursday 1 October
Ruislip, The Tropic                                                Friday 2 October
Halifax, Playhouse                                                Friday 9 October
Southport, Atkinson Blues Festival                  Saturday 10 October
Doncaster, The Dome                                         Friday 16 October
Retford, The Elms                                                Saturday 17 October
Sheffield, Greystones                                         Wednesday 21 October
Edinburgh, The Caves                                          Thursday 22 October
Glasgow, Nice N Sleazy                                       Friday 23 October
Carlisle, The Venue                                             Saturday 24 October
Salisbury, Arts Centre                                         Monday 25 October
Exeter, Phoenix                                                   Tuesday 27 October
Bridport Arts Centre                                          Wednesday 28 October
Brighton, Komedia                                              Thursday 29 October
Lincoln, Engine Shed                                           Saturday 31 October  
Ripley, Town Hall                                                 Saturday 12 December
Newcastle, The Cluny                                         Sunday 13 December
Morecambe, The Platform                                Monday 14 December
Leeds, The Brudenell                                          Tuesday 15 December
Bristol, The Tunnels                                             Wednesday 16 December
Derby, The Flowerpot                                        Thursday 17 December


The first single, “Take The Power”, is released on Monday September28th, and is accompanied by a promo video filmed on location in Edinburgh, produced by Sine Wave Media and directed by Richard Weston.  


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