City Of Thieves Incinerator ep

City Of Thieves release their 5 track debut ep on the 22nd of September via Townsend Records/Monster Box Music and when you see the line up of world class talent that helped put it all together you get to understand what the buzz is all about.

City Of Thieves worked with producer Toby Jepson of Little Angels with the legendary Mike Fraser on the mixing desk and Simon Francis on mastering duties you know it will sound a million dollars which it does.

City Of Thieves are all about high energy rifferama with grooves to lay waste to a continent and most importantly attitude by the bucket load.

The ep consists of 4 balls to the wall rockers and one live acoustic track to show off their sensitive side and showcasing their talents in 20 minutes of pure unblemished hard rock.

Opener Incinerator is a big riff led boogie monster with the whiskey sounding vocals of vocalist and bassist of Jamie Lailey leading the way with his style reminiscent of Joel O'Keeffe of Airbourne .Such a groove with a swaying stop start riff from guitarist's Ben Austwick and Adam Wardle and a thundering drum track from Will Richards.A big chorus will get audiences involved while the riff will get horns thrown and heads shaking.

Lay Me To Waste has a melodic riff to start before a secondary big riff kicks in on a song that builds to a crushing riff and chorus which you can imagine laying a lot of clubs around the country to waste with it's immense power and the mix shining through.

Buzzed Up City starts on a picked guitar riff before the drums kick in and a riff straight from the Angus Young book of guitar licks with a driving drum beat and massive bass line too.A real Airbourne feel to this one both musically and vocally and will be a sure fire live favourite.

The last electric song Here Comes The Shot is underpinned by Will Richards drumming and I love the way the main guitar riff has a subtle change to it in the chorus with Jamie Lailey's vocal embedded in it.Attitude and more attitude seeps through with them saying hey look at us.

Mr 50/50 is a live acoustic song with a whiskey soaked vocal delivery showed off very well with a harmonica solo too on a track that still screams attitude but in a different way in their armoury.

City Of Thieves have blasted onto the scene with a very impressive debut release that should open many doors and see them lay waste to stages everywhere and I look forward to watching their upward progress.

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