Empire Of Fools Devil Inside mini album

UK melodic hard rock band Empire Of Fools have a new debut 6 track mini album " Devil Inside " due to be released on the 22nd September.

Following up on the success of the first single also titled "Devil Inside" and follow up "Higher" the Devon 3 piece now back that up with 6 tracks full of riffs,melodies,excellent vocals and more importantly choruses that embed in your brain and demand you listen to it again and again.

Opener Down To Earth hits hard with a bulldozing stop start riff and pounding rhythm and the first of many superb choruses with Mark Pascall on vocals and bass shining.I think the biggest compliment I can give the band is that it feels like you are listening to a band who are on their fourth album as the maturity of performance is simply superb.The extended instrumental break after the second chorus shows this off so well.Superb drumming from Dean Stevens while Steve Cobbin on guitar riffs hard and if the band don't feel the need for a guitar solo then you don't get one but with such musical dexterity going on it isn't missed.

Higher has a real pace to it with a heavy riff at it's core and again the rock hard rhythm team not just content to do the same thing with some subtle tempo changes.The second chorus leads into some of my beloved light and shade as the band momentarily take it down a notch before crashing in again and sounding more powerful for it.

Lead off single and title track Devil Inside has a rolling riff that comes in and out of the track with an additional heavier riff that winds it's way through the song and they embed together so well.Another superb chorus leads into a band workout with a guitar solo over the secondary heavy riff.They then take it down a notch with a held guitar riff and Pascall tells us we all the have the Devil Inside of you with such conviction I believe him!!

Dirty Mind starts on a gentle picked intro with Pascall again showing off his vocal melodies before a big riff kicks in before the chorus takes it another level on a slower paced track with more light and shade mid song before the song ends where it started with a picked outro.

Hope is a stadium anthem for now with the band reigning themselves in as Pascall produces another quality vocal as the song builds to the chorus.A U2 type guitar riff underpins the song but they have produced a song a band twice their age would love to call their own with the vocal leading the way for a change.

Unstoppable starts on a strummed riff and vocal passage before a huge stop start guitar riff pins you to the wall but still an under current of melody and Pascall telling the world when they were young they were unstoppable.

With 6 tracks of this quality and with a bit of luck with support slots the Empire Of Fools could be Unstoppable and for that we should be grateful.

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