Kip Winger The Borderline 12-09-15

First up were Bournemouth outfit Voodoo Vegas who in keeping with the evening's acoustic feel played a 8 song 40 minute set that showed off their qualities in abundance.

Here is what they played
Back Stabber
Killing Joke
Lost In Confusion
Ferry Song
Lady Divine
So Unkind
King Without A Crown

Led by Lawrence Case on vocals who really wanted to get off his stool and rock out and did a great job from a seated position!!His vocal range was shown off to the max in the stripped back form and he was a good front man too with plenty of between song banter.

Meryl Hamilton played some electric guitar soloing which I love in this setting as it cuts through the acoustic sound of counterpart Jon Dawson and works so well.

They played one new song from the upcoming excellent Hypnotise ep in the form of Killing Joke which fitted in alongside first album nuggets like  Bullet and the superb set closer King Without A Crown.

Voodoo Vegas have moved up a notch with the Hypnotise ep and it will be great to see the new songs in an electric setting and on this showing the sky should be the limit!!

With this being the Fourth annual show and last year's show approaching legendary status expectations were high as Kip Winger strode onto the stage with his acoustic guitar and he was greeted by many of us who had returned year after year.

As before for just under 2 hours we were treated to a master class in stripping songs back to their core and a display of love for the material and the man rarely seen at a gig.

Here is what he played not in order as I was having way too much fun to write it all down.

Easy Come Easy Go
Who's The One
Can't Get Enuff
Miles Away
Blind Revolution
How Far Do We Go
Rainbow In The Rose
Under One Condition
Headed For A Heartbreak
Spell I'm Under
Time To Surrender

With a small set list taped to his guitar he allows the audience to shout out song choices of which a few are played but he does stick to the classics with a few choice solo cuts thrown in for good measure.

As last year the show was being filmed.Kip felt the footage from last year focussed too much on him where he feels it is all about the crowd and their reaction so this time cameras were not so much on him.

Their is such a strong bond between Kip and his fans and he admitted if he only had to play one show a year it would be at The Borderline.

As before he phoned a band mate with this time it being Winger and Whitesnake guitarist Reb Beach who had us in stitches with his David Coverdale impersonation with Kip then trying to get David's number unsuccessfully to try phone him.
He did phone last year's support in Fiona Flanagan who we all sang Happy Birthday too for the following day!! 

For Miles Away he invited up fan Kirsty to sing with him and she did a fantastic job and he also did a quick one verse and chorus with super fan/stalker Samir Winger who every year shouts out for Time To Surrender in his falsetto style and he looked fit to burst as Kip actually sang the first part with him!!

With a vociferous gang of 12 coming over from Denmark and super fan Stan bellowing out at every opportunity Kip struggled to fit some of his classics in before the 10.30 curfew and his medley of Spell I’m Under’, ‘Down Incognito’, ‘Madelaine’ and ‘Seventeen’ whizzed by as he kept looking at the time.

He was soon out with the fans signing anything and everything and I am already looking forward to next year's show.

Let's hope the film crew captured the spirit of the show as you could uncork and drink in the atmosphere when you felt the need and the world would be a better place.

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