Voodoo Vegas Hypnotise ep review

Voodoo Vegas follow up 2013's debut album The Rise Of Jimmy Silver with the release on October the 12th of a 4 track ep Hypnotise that was produced by Will Maya (The Answer, Breed 77) and recorded at Los Rosales Residential Studio in Madrid and  cover art once again drawn by noted comic book artist Jim Boswell.

One of the hardest working bands on the live circuit the endless miles have turned them into a fine tuned unit and with the release of Hypnotise it should see the band taking it to the next level.

The title track opens the ep and in just under 4 minutes sets the scene with a riff led groove and plenty of attitude and Lawrence Case on vocals leads from the front with his throaty roar captured superbly in the mix.Ably backed up by the guitar team of Meryl Hamilton and Jon Dawson who's razor sharp riff's and always melodic soloing is impressive and the rhythm duo of Jonno Smyth on drums and Ash Moulton on bass drive the engine of the band to new heights.
The stop start early guitar riff let's the band hit hard when they all crash in and Lawrence's vocal delivery has a more melodic tone in the build up to the chorus which sees a full guitar riff and some great backing vocals that add even more depth to the mix.
Love the outro with Lawrence repeating the chorus alongside a guitar lead before it all crashes out!!

Tied Up has a Guns n Roses feel to it with a gritty guitar riff and with another guitar riff alongside it with one underlying the other and some vocal effects on Lawrence's vocal giving it a different feel with Jonno on drums driving the song.
The split guitar solo shows off Meryl and Jon's melodic qualities on a song bound to be a live favourite.

Round And Round starts on a Ash's bass riff and the song builds and builds as all of the band play their part before a stop start guitar riff kicks in on a track that takes the pace up even higher.Mid song as the band drop the pace we have talkbox from Jon and soloing from Meryl before Lawrence shows off his harmonica playing and you can imagine the song developing a mind of it's own live as the band have fun with it!!

Killing Joke ends the ep in stunning fashion with the ep's heaviest guitar riff and a real groove laden monster that the band actually played acoustically when supporting Kip Winger recently!!Lawrence shows a darker edge to his vocal and I love the fact that even on a heavier track we still get a melodic guitar solo and more soloing in the outro alongside the vocal.

This is a taster for Voodoo Vegas's second full album due in 2016 and whets the appetite perfectly.

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