Slayer/Anthrax Brixton Academy 30-11-15


Ever since this had been announced I had been looking forward to seeing 2 of The Big Four indoors.

First though and after being in an enormous queue around the building for what seemed like hours I missed most of opening band Kvelertak but quite enjoyed the last song they played with huge stop start riff and some mighty guitar soloing.

I have loved Anthrax for over 30 years and the massed crowd greeted them like headliners as they walked on stage.
For 50 minutes we were treated to a career spanning setlist including recent single Evil Twin taken from the forthcoming new album due late February called For All Kings.
Here is what they played.

Caught In A Mosh
Got The Time
Fight Em' Til You Can't
Evil Twin
March Of The S.O.D.
In The End
Among The Living

Starting with the legendary Caught In A Mosh and the pit started straight away with Joey Belladonna in fine voice and Frank Bello a non stop ball of energy on bass.
Charlie Benante was missing due to injury and his place was filled with style by John Dette who has played with Slayer,Testament and Iced Earth.
On guitar to the right was the legend himself Scott Ian who riffed away like there was no tomorrow and he always had an eye on the crowd and to make sure they never slowed down.It was the first I have seen Jon Donais on lead guitar and he acquitted himself well with some fiery leads and pleasingly some melodic tendancies too.

Fight Em from last album Worship Music has grown over the last couple of years into a monster riff groove monster and the crowd roared back the chorus.

In The End again from Worship Music was dedicated to the memory of Dimebag Darrell and also Ronnie James Dio before Indians took the pit to a new level and it looked like a seething cauldron!!

With another classic in Among the Living to finish it was set that a headliner would be proud of and let's hope we see a full UK tour for the new album next year.

The crowd continued to swell and as the lights dipped and inverted crosses and the Slayer pentagram showed on the curtain before it dropped and the crowd went nuts and continued for the next 90 minutes.Here is what they played.

Delusions Of Saviour
Hate Worldwide
God Send Death
War Ensemble
When The Stillness Comes
Take Control
Mandatory Suicide
Chemical Warfare
Die By The Sword
Black Magic
Seasons In The Abyss
Hell Awaits
Dead Skin Mask
World Painted Blood
South Of Heaven
Reign In Blood
Angel Of Death

In my opinion Slayer's new album Repentless is as good as anything they have released in their career and with Exodus's Gary Holt (wearing a cool Kill The Kardashian's t shirt)on guitar and the returning Paul Bostaph on drums this as good a line up they have ever had.

A 30 year career has not dulled the band at all in fact I would say this was as vicious and unrelenting as I have ever seen them with a superb sound for a band so heavy.

Starting with the title track of the new album Repentless which is an instant classic with it's pummelling drums and with Holt and Kerry King riffing away like crazy!
They both produced one searing solo after another in one of the finest display's of guitar duelling I have ever seen.Superb.I love the way Holt always seemed to end a solo by holding his tremelo arm and guitar aloft to the crowd.

On vocals and bass and stalking the front of the stage and surveying the crowd at all times was Tom Araya who seems to be having a ball.He doesn't miss a thing and is always making sure that all is ok in the pit and everyone stays safe!!

His lengthy intro to War Ensemble ended with the most earth shattering roar as the crowd bellowed back as more crowd surfers erupted from the throng and horns were held to the sky!!

Classic followed classic.Die By The Sword,Black Magic and a menacing Mandatory Suicide and a couple of newies in When Stillness Comes,Vices and Take Control that fitted into the set like a glove!!

Slayer don't do encores so the 7 song closing stretch included Seasons In The Abyss,Hell Awaits,Dead Skin Mask,World Painted Blood,South Of Heaven,Reign In Blood and Angel Of Death.

Wow the intensity never dropped for a second with the crowd managing to keep up a level of stamina Olympic athlete's would be proud of.

Seasons was immense,South Of Heaven just jaw dropping and how do you top Reign In Blood and Angel Of Death!

As the crowd chanted Slayer the band waved their farewells and the sweaty knackered throng dispersed into the cool night air after an evening of music that was as raw and intense as it get's.


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