Inglorious cd review

2 years in the making and on the 19th of February Inglorious release their debut cd on Frontiers Records Srl and you need it in your collection.

If I see or hear about a band that is being seen as the next big thing I tend to look in and think no substance to the words used.

Inglorious are that one band where the hyperbole is justified.

11 tracks 50 minutes of classic British hard rock played with soul and groove and most importantly attitude.

All British supergroups have had that shall I say it X Factor and Inglorious are led by the amazing vocal gymnastics of Nathan James(who has sung with Trans Siberian Orchestra and Uli Jon Roth) who produces a vocal performance of such quality and range I think in year's to come we will be looking at him as a national treasure!!

That isn't saying the rest of the band are slouches far from it.The rhythm team of Colin Parkinson on bass and Phil Beaver on drums are the rock solid base that Inglorious are built on and guitarists Will Taylor and Andreas Eriksson riff and solo with a melodic intent and as a band know when to drop the tempo giving the album such a depth of quality.

The whole band wrote the album with a few guest writers including Al Pitrelli (Megadeth, Alice Cooper, Trans-Siberian Orchestra), Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger, Whitesnake) and Neil Fairclough (Queen).

After meeting with a few producers, Inglorious decided to produce the album themselves. Chris Kimsey, who has worked with The Who and the Rolling Stones, said "There is nothing for me to do, you guys are doing what I would tell you to do already."

The sound is fantastic with a very live feel and every one gets to play their part.

Most importantly they have written some quite fantastic songs all showcasing their love of 1970's classic British rock and I will let you decide who they have elements of but I can tell you there is plenty of names thrown into the blender and out comes Inglorious.

Opener Until I Die starts on a Hammond organ intro before a smattering of bass and then drums build in too.Reminds me of the start to Highway Star by Deep Purple as it continues to build before a singular guitar riff rings out.The band then crash in on a song built for the live show as it has a real groove and says look at us.And that is before Nathan has sang a word.He doesn't disappoint with a vocal line that showcases his range and delivery.The chorus is massive and then mid song we drop the tempo and some vocal screams from Nathan before the first of many melodic guitar solo's from Andreas.Wonderful opener.

Breakaway was the first single and starts on an angular guitar riff and then the drums kick in on an up tempo pit boiler of a song with Nathan in his upper register.Love the lead guitar tone alongside Nathan's vocal on the chorus.The mid song guitar solo from Andreas has more of a shredding feel to it but with no less intent.Another live favourite.

High Flying Gypsy takes it down a notch with a stop start guitar riff and Nathan's bluesy vocal in the verse.The tempo increases pre chorus as does Nathan's intensity and some extra guitar melodies thrown in for good measure.A real groove to this one and love the mid song band workout that shows a real sense of dynamics and light and shade too.

Photo Credit: Nedim Nazerali

Holy Water sees the bluesy content rise and Nathan shines with a soulful delivery and showing he can sing it all on a slower tempo track with a classic British rock feel brought bang into 2016.

Warning starts on some slide guitar and a hazy feel before at 45 seconds a huge guitar riff kicks in and we are off on another top notch rocker.Didn't see that coming after the intro!!Nathan again excels with more top register vocals and Andreas's melodic wah infused solo cuts deep and a great live ending with Nathan and the band at full pelt!!

Bleed For You starts on an acoustic guitar strum before a electric guitar feature and the song has a stop start feel with a Nathan masterclass in range and tone as the band go up and down in volume behind the vocal.

Girl Got A Gun has an electric strum start with Nathan's bluesy howl alongside.Bass and drums kick in and sound huge before pre chorus it all goes up a notch to a wonderful chorus before more light and shade.Again great use of dynamics showing a maturity way beyond their debut cd.A groove monster of a track that will have you singing along to the chorus on repeat listens.

You're Mine sees a stop start guitar riff beginning and a simply brilliant chorus with Nathan at full throttle.Real swagger to the main guitar riff and Nathan out does himself as the song continues into it's second half and just when you think he has reached a limit he goes up another octave!!Staggering.

Inglorious is a song fit for a band with a stop start riff that continues throughout with Nathan telling us that they will rise victorious.A Led Zeppelin trippy feel mid song both musically and vocally.

Wake is the one true ballad on the album with plenty of acoustic guitar and Nathan showing off his ballad voice and lower range on a song built for mass sing along in arena's with lighters at the ready.

Unaware starts on a beautiful piano intro making you think another ballad before at 70 seconds a huge dirty riff and band kick in.Blimey that fooled me.I love an album that has a balls to the wall finale and in my opinion they have saved the best to last with what could be the best debut song in many a year.All swagger and attitude and a huge huge chorus that has had me bellowing along for the last month disturbing the local peace!!Extra guitar parts added for good measure and another Andreas guitar solo that just fits before Nathan goes through his full repertoire in the outro.What a finish.

Inglorious is the debut cd of 2016 and maybe this decade.

We all need to get behind this band pronto and believe the word on the streets.

Inglorious hit the road with The Winery Dogs next month before some album release shows of their own.

Be there I will.

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