AC/DC Manchester 9 June 2016

Well the southern part of the team have already given you a review from standing area from the London gig, so now it is the time for the northern folk to tell you how it was up in the seats at Manchester.

My first AC/DC experience was on 22 August 1981 at a wet Monsters of Rock festival here I am 35 years later and there are only two members left from that line up Cliff Williams and of course Angus Young.

Was this line up AC/DC? Well that debate could rage forever, but to this fan this line up certainly delivered a fantastic AC/DC show and surely that is what counts. The back line of Cliff Williams, Stevie Young and Chris Slade kept everything moving along at a fine pace, whilst front of house Angus Young was his usual energetic self and replacement/stand singer in Axl Rose put in a blistering performance that answered any doubters.

We had the same set list as the London show, You just forget how many great songs AC/DC have so to hear some of the old classics dusted off and performed again were great. Really loved Axl's snarling version of Riff Raft.

A great show and well done to all involved with AC/DC for overcoming the problems and putting on such a brilliant performance.

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