Dan Patlansky The Jazz Cafe Camden 09-06-16


A new venue for me and with a complete refit now finished The Jazz Cafe opened its doors and with a £500,000 sound system in place and new bar areas it looked superb.

And from the first notes from support act Tristan Mackay the money was well spent.Clear as bell his acoustic set showed off his self effacing humour as well as his skills on guitar and his warm melodic vocal melody and tone.

I have been fortunate to see Dan Patlansky on his frequent visit's to the UK over the last year and waxed lyrically about the man's talents and now with his latest cd finally on the shelves this headline set confirmed that we have a rare talent on our hands.

Over the course of 90 minutes we were treated to a masterclass in band dynamics and guitar playing from a man who can be classed as one of the best on the planet.

Here is what they played.

Sonnova Faith
Stop The Messin'
Bring The World To It's Knees
Loosen Up The Grip
Bet On Me
Still Wanna Be Your Man
Western Decay
Fetch Your Spade
My Chana
Encores of 
Hold On 
Daddy's Old Gun

IntroVertigo was well represented with 8 songs played and all thrived in the live setting with the fantastic sound system giving every instrument the chance to shine.Clint Falconer on bass and Andy Maritz on drums quite superb and Dean Barrett on keys a welcome recent addition as he fills in a lot of gaps giving Dan the chance to let rip in that amazing style he has.

From the hard rocking Run with Dan's mesmerising vocal roar to the mid set slow bluesy leanings of Still Wanna Be Your Man where the band interplay was off the scale as they took it down to a whisper and then built it all back up again you could see the sheer fun and enjoyment the band were having.

During Backbite as Dan started his solo a guitar string flailed wildly and in some instances would have brought the show to a stop especially with Dan's guitar extravaganza My Chana due up next.Dan ripped the offending string off before a quick re tune of the 5 strings he had left before embarking on the show stopping tour de force and not missing a note.

Simply incredible the talent the man has as it hadn't fazed him and my admiration of him only grows as does his audience as his rise to the top of the blues rock tree continues at pace.

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