Dan Reed Network 100 Club London 15-06-16

First up and playing an acoustic set was The King Lot a 3 piece who were introduced by Dan Reed.
They showed off a wonderful sense of melody and their vocal harmonies were to die for with Jason Sweeney on lead vocals with more than able back up from Michael Fairbairn and Ck Gillon too.
Looking forward to seeing an electric set from them in the future.

I hadn't seen Dan Reed Network for over 26 years until this March and this launch show for superb new cd Fight Another Day was top of any show wish list for this or any other year.

For 100 minutes we were treated to a display of band interplay as good as anything witnessed anywhere on the planet in those 26 years.

5 new songs from the new cd were aired with many band favourites and here is what they played.

Under My Skin
Baby Now I
Rainbow Child
Come Back Baby
The Brave
Forgot To Make Her Mine
Save The World
Tiger In A Dress
Get To You

The thing that strikes me like before is the band interaction and it is incredible they didn't play together for 19 years.They can go up a notch it bring it down with just a look and Dan Pred on drums is a master at pace and rhythm.

The front three are again just incredible.
Melvin Brannon ll on bass and Brion James on guitar have a chemistry that musically is from the gods and from the smiles on their faces can't quite believe they are back together.

Dan Reed is vocally as good as ever with his melodic vocal range their for all to hear.As a frontman he is here there and everywhere and he feels every beat as he never stops moving with his hand movements fantastic to watch.

I love the way he looks out into the crowd and catches someones eyes as he did with me during Ritual as he let me bellow(sorry to everyone else there)the main chorus and I was 16 again.Thanks Dan.

Rob Daiker's keys and backing vocals came to the fore a little more than the Swindon show and he fit's in so well with the rest of the band.

Dan's between song banter with the crowd and his band colleagues was at time hilarious and the crowd had to meditate and pray for Melvin's bass amp that was on the verge of exploding as the earlier one had in band practice.

All 5 new songs came across well in the live setting.A bit more guitar heavy then on cd during The Brave and Infected had a real heavy funky bass line from Melvin too.Dan Pred's sense of dynamics were very evident on that song too as there was a lengthy band work out.

Champion was a stand out song for me.Epic in it's light and shade soundings and Dan's vocal melody was stunning.Superb Brion guitar solo too.

Divided was very guitar heavy and seemed to be played quicker than on cd and the crowd knew every word with the cd now out.

Plenty of fan favourites with the crowd singing on Rainbow Child so loud and of course the whole place moving to the beats of Ritual and er my singing!!

The band promise to return in February or March of next year so do your self a favour and don't miss it.

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