Joe Bonamassa Greenwich Music Time Festival 07-07-16

How lucky am I ?

2 days after the quite fantastic Bristol show ( am off with my 13 year old son to The Old Royal Navy College grounds in Greenwich to do it all again.

As we arrive at Greenwich and walk past the Cutty Sark towards the Thames and after a short walk arrive to the quite splendid Navy College and what a place for a gig.

With one end open to the Thames and the lights of Canary Wharf and The O2 in the distance and the College buildings to both sides and a crowd of 5000 people all we needed was the weather to stay dry and after a spot or two of rain it did thankfully and what a sunset considering it hadn't been sunny!!!!

This show had a support at in the form of Joanne Shaw Taylor who has just completed her new album Wild with producer Kevin Shirley who was milling around with his kids in tow.
Her 40 minute set showcased her perfectly with her breathless vocals and wonderful guitar playing there for all to see.

Here is what she played.

Mud Honey
Outlaw Angel
Tried Tested and True
Jump That Train
Diamonds In The Dust
Watch Em' Burn
Going Home

Great band dynamics from the slow burn of Tried Tested And True with a wonderful vocal from Joanne right to the full band workout in Watch Em' Burn with Joanne showing her quite incredible playing and showing why Joe thinks she will be the next big superstar.

The crowd rose to her as she finished and with the new album due at the end of September with lengthy touring to follow her star continues to ascend.

For this show as Bristol was The Salute To The British Blues Explosion with Joe and his incredible band paying homage to the music of Eric Clapton,Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.

Here is what they played.

I won't go into it song by song as I did on the Bristol show but suffice to say it was amazing.

Watching it all again the magic that exudes from all of the band in an outdoor setting with the setting sun in the background as the light show took over was magical and luckily with the show being filmed we can all watch and listen to it again and again.

Seeing the crowd stunned at Joe's playing that continues to re write the rule book and set new standards in tone,feel and just jaw dropping playing was fantastic.

When you see a show for the second time you pick up on a new guitar lick,a melody,a drum fill, a Hammond riff and vocal tone that you missed the first time and realise you are in the company of the greatest guitar player on the planet and his band.

Whatever next for this man that towers over the rest?

I for one can't wait to find out.

Photo Credit by John Bull with thanks.

Photo credit by Colin Hart with thanks. 

 Photo credit by Christie Goodwin with thanks.

  Photo credit by Christie Goodwin with thanks.

 Photo credit by Colin Hart with thanks. 

 Photo Photo credit by Dafydd Jones with thanks.

 Photo Credit by John Bull with thanks.

 Photo credit by Laurence Harvey with thanks.

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