Ray Wilson - Song For Friend

This great acoustic CD ‘Song for a Friend’, was released by Stiltskin frontman and ex Genesis lead singer Ray Wilson on 10 June and is dedicated to his much missed friend James Lewis who passed away in 2015.

Song for a Friend’ showcases Ray’s ‘up close and personal’ storytelling style, stripping his soul bare with tales of loss, friendship and human emotions. The opening track ‘Old Book on the shelf’ takes us to a cafe in Amsterdam, where a man sits alone unable to find inner peace. When he notices a solitary book on a shelf he comes across a memoir of his own life, and with that the realisation that his peace and happiness will only come if he accepts himself for who he is and stops trying to fight it or prove himself to anyone. The lyrics on the song are so well crafted you almost feel like you are sat in the cafe with him.

The quality of the song writing shines through on all tracks turning this CD into a fantastic collection of musical short stories.

Title track Song for a Friend is a lovely song that paints a vivid picture of Ray’s childhood and his love for his mother. Other stand out tracks are Backseat Driving, Parallel Souls and the catchy Tried and Failed, which should really be out as a single.

The CD closes with a cover of the Pink Floyd song High Hopes which has a haunting piano cord running through the song, before building to a fantastic guitar climax. Another memorable song on this beautiful album.

Helping Wilson on ‘Song For A Friend’ are Stiltskin guitarist Uwe Metzler, drummer Nir Z are Lawrie McMillan on bass, Kool Lyczek on piano, Hammond and melotron, Ali Ferguson on guitar, Marcin Kasper on sax, brother Steve Wilson on backing vocals, Mario Koszel on percussion and Peter Hoff on percussion loops, with mixing courtesy of Yogi Lang.
Track list as follows:

01. Old Book on the Shelf
02. Over my Dead Body
03. Cold Light of the Day
04. Song for a Friend
05. How Long is too Long
06. Not Long till Springtime
07. Backseat Driving
08. Parallel Souls
09. Tried and Failed
10. High Hopes

Ray Wilson will be returning his full electric production when he releases his 6th studio album MAKES ME THINK OF HOME on 7 October. 


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