Aysnley Lister Eyes Wide Open out 7th October 2016 and UK Tour announced

New Album Released Friday 7th October 2016
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"There is a great little crop of blues musicians out there over
in the UK right now. There is an Irish kid called Simon McBride
who is very good, Joanne Shaw Taylor is a superstar in waiting
I think and Aynsley Lister is also very good
Joe Bonamassa, Nottingham Post

Award-winning blues-rock aficionado Aynsley Lister has announced that his eighth studio album Eyes Wide Open will be released on Friday 7th October 2016 on Straight Talkin’ Records.
Eyes Wide Open is Aynsley’s magnum opus, which sees him confidently pursuing his own musical path. Self-assured, inventive and richly-textured, Aynsley brings his 18 years of hard touring, 11 album releases (eight studio and three live) and all his experience as a musician to fruition on Eyes Wide Open.

Aynsley’s previous opus, 2013’s Home garnered the guitar ace both Songwriter of the Year and Song of the Year at the British Blues AwardsEyes Wide Open is a bold, confident and accessible slice of contemporary blues-rock that promises to bring Aynsley yet more accolades as well as introduce his genre-blending sound to a new audience, building on the 100,000 albums he’s already sold worldwide.

Photo Credit: © Andy Hibbs

"Superb." The Times
"This is the kind of album you hope someone will release but never does. It’s one of those rare works of art that will never leave your stack of favourites." Eminence
"Eyes Wide Open is over an hour of exceptional song-writing, guitar playing, vocals and musicianship that will want you to listen over and over again. Aynsley is a quite simply a blues master!" 
- jamtrackcentral.com

The 39-year-old British guitarist says that this raw, energetic album is a return to his roots; a record that at its heart boasts all the grit of traditional blues. “I wanted to keep the raw edginess and energy of a band,” says Aynsley. “So that meant minimal takes and going with the ones that had the most spirit and passion over those with technical perfection. To me, music isn’t supposed to be perfect. It’s supposed to grab you and move you both emotionally and physically; it’s supposed to connect with you.”

Photo Credit: © Alexandre Coesnon

Eyes Wide Open seals Aynsley’s reputation for adroitly blending blues and rock, pop and even a smattering of soul. Hooky melodies dovetail seamlessly with blazing blues solos that are as passionate as they are tasteful. Like every musician of weight, this album also reveals Aynsley’s ability to tell a story. Each track paints a picture, exposing an emotional landscape with the insight of a fine artist: “The world never stops and so much happens around us - some of it resonates with you, some of it doesn’t. This album is written about the world as I see it, through eyes wide open.”

Photo Credit: © Andy Hibbs

Peter Green, Albert King and Eric Clapton were the musical giants influencing the young ears of Aynsley Lister while he was growing up. Building on this foundation, Aynsley has crafted his own unique perspective on contemporary blues since he first formed a band aged 13 and released his self-titled debut in 1998 on Ruf Records. It’s been a fantastic journey so far that has seen Aynsley play with, amongst others, Buddy Guy, John Mayalland Lynyrd Skynyrd. He’s won multiple awards including Guitarist of the Year at the2015 British Blues Awards and he has been nominated in the Guitarist and Male Vocalcategories in the 2016 British Blues Awards.

Produced by Aynsley Lister
Recorded at Superfly Studios (UK)
Engineered by Andrew Banfield
Mixed by Adam Ellis and Aynsley Lister at Deadline Studios (UK)
Mastered by John Webber at Air Mastering (UK)

Eyes Wide Open is Aynsley’s magnum opus, which sees him confidently pursuing his own musical path. Self-assured, inventive and richly-textured, Aynsley brings his 18 years of hard touring, 11 album releases (eight studio and three live) and all his experience as a musician to fruition on Eyes Wide Open.
It’s a mature album that bears witness to his virtuosity as a guitarist (“I definitely wanted to rip out on the guitar on this one”) but is also testament to his skill as a songwriter and his ability to craft catchy yet emotionally-resonant melodies. Eyes Wide Open also displays Aynsley’s exquisite taste that means he always plays for the song, bringing the blues to everyone.

Photo Credit: © Alexandre Coesnon

"Guitarist of the Year 2015"
"Songwriter of the Year 2014"
"Song of the Year (Home) 2014
British Blues Awards

Eyes Wide Open – Track by Track by Aynsley Lister
1. All Of Your Love - 4.43
A song of need where one thing can’t carry on without the other, “like a flower needs the rain, or a tiger needs to prey”. The whole song centres around the basic need for love and culminates in the hookline of the song.
I set this to a riffy guitar backdrop so that the music has the same urgency of the lyrics. I played the guitar solo, using a heavily reverberated stinging tone, to emulate the sound of a heart wrenching in pain, longing to be satiated/satisfied.
2. Everything I Have To Give - 5.44
You know when you’re pushed to your limits, right on the brink of falling over the edge completely and you’ve literally got nothing left in you? That was the moment I wrote this song. Written during a time of immense pressure and fighting the ever ticking clock, this is a song for when you feel like there’s no end in sight.
The lyrics for this one flowed in a matter of minutes. Being under pressure so often myself, it was one I connect with on a deep level. Musically I wanted to include a powerful backdrop where I could really rip out on the guitar and I added horns to really nail it home. I kept this one really edgy and had it down in 3 takes.
3. Il Grande Mafioso - 7.10
This song is inspired by my love of gangster films! This song is the scene of a late night card game, chasing dirty money in a seedy, out of town, smoke-filled bar run by mobsters. The tale of a guy who’s gotten in too deep and is left clutching nothing but a losing hand. The sweat is flowing and he has nowhere to run… It’s pay up or die.
I wrote the lyrics as a story to build up as much imagery as possible and gave it a slow throbbing pulse as a backdrop. I played around with various Italian themes on the guitar and keys on this one using old amps, guitars and an old juke joint piano.
4. Won’t Be Taken Down - 5.58
We live in a world where jealousy is rife. The competitive nature of people can sometimes be overbearing, especially for those who aren’t so intent on their own agenda. The fight can be real. This song is about standing up to it, it’s about getting back on your feet and not letting it get to you. We all experience jealousy in one way or another throughout life and I’m sure there’s lots of people out there who can relate to the lyrics in this song.
5. Time - 4.54
Life is a journey that we only get one shot at. The decisions and choices that we make along the way all have an impact on where we end up. Maybe it’s something to do with getting older, but realising what matters before it’s too late gets higher on the agenda. This is the inspiration for ‘Time’.
6. Dishevelled - 5.30
Another song set in the same late night smokey bar as Il Grande Mafioso. Two lovers having a secret rendezvous and playing out a scene throughout the whole night, blissfully unaware of everything else around them. This song is written almost like a play, with three different scenes; her arrival, their flirtatious meeting and then their hookup.
It’s a song like a movie.. A sexy woman enters the bar and causes a stir as she passes through the room. In the final scene, the pair are walking the deserted backstreets in the early hours after a night of passion. All the while, the lyrics are set to a smokey and sultry backdrop.
7. Troubled Soul (Intro) - 0.55
A short piece played to set the mood for Kalina. This is music for a troubled soul.
8. Kalina - 5.06
The story of a young woman I met who held a dark secret behind her beautiful happy exterior. She'd suffered with depression for a long time and took her own life shortly after we met. I was so shocked to learn how she had been at such a low, she really was the last person you would have thought to be suffering with such mental health problems. The news of her passing hit like a ton of bricks so I wrote this to share her story and build awareness for others of a very real illness that affects many around us.
9. Handful Of Doubt - 4.56
We all have days when nothing goes your way, sometimes it seems as though everything is up against you and you can't see what's right in front of you. Sometimes it just takes a bit of perspective from someone else to help you find the reality of where you're really at and more often than not, nothing is ever as bad as you think it is. That's the theme here, that really, the self-doubt you're feeling is nothing in the grand scheme of things.
10. Right As Rain - 5.05
I’ve been a fan of Tommy Castro for as long as I can remember and this was probably the first of his songs I heard. I didn’t want to change the song any more than necessary because I think it works brilliantly as it is, but I couldn’t resist adding another guitar solo at the end! - Aynsley Lister
I am honoured to have such a talented artist record one of my songs. He delivered a fantastic performance of Right As Rain on his new release. Seems Aynsley and his dad saw me and my band in San Francisco many years ago. It’s a good feeling to know that I’ve been some inspiration for him. I look forward to coming to the UK and possibly doing some shows together. - Tommy Castro
11. Other Part Of Me - 5.11
The feeling of completeness. Knowing someone has got your back and is right there with you through whatever life throws at you.
12. Stay - 6.06
The polar opposite of the previous song I guess. A song of desperation.. A story of a destructive relationship. A couple who, when they're together everything works, but as soon as they're apart one side sees a relationship that is fraught with problems. Their insecurities take over and they lash out, over problems that don’t really exist.
One minute they're together then the next the relationship is over. It's the love they share that keeps bringing them back together but it's only a matter of time before the next episode of destruction and this cycle just continues to break them both down.
13. Hold You To It - 4.54
This one kind of came out of nowhere and was never intended to go on the album! The result of buying an old Fender Precision bass and getting really into James Jamerson. I played it non stop for the first few days and came up with the bass line. The rest of the song came together in an afternoon! Stylistically out on its own but I loved it so much I decided to share it as a bonus track, just for fun!
It’s about being away from home and getting back to the one you love, holding them to the promises they made while you were away!

Photo Credit: © Alexandre Coesnon

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