King King Live

Anyone that has seen King King live knows that on stage they are simply untouchable and at last our dreams have come true on the 21st of October via Manhaton Records with a  Deluxe Edition 3-disc set, available now to pre-order at, includes two CDs that captures the live energy of King King's sold-out hometown concert at O2 ABC in Glasgow on 14th May 2016, plus a bonus DVD film of the band performing to a sold-out crowd at the Holmfirth Picturedrome on 13th April 2016.

With three acclaimed albums in the tank – 2011’s "Take My Hand", 2013’s "Standing In The Shadows" and 2015’s "Reaching For The Light"  and after the recent support slot with Thunder that included a show at Wembley Arena this is the right time to unleash King King Live.

You always hope that a live cd can manage to capture that moment in time and for me the authenticity of the band in a live setting with an audience eager to be part of the occasion.
Capturing the show in Glasgow was a no brainer as the sold out create the perfect live atmosphere and giving the band the fuel to cook up a storm.

From opener Lose Control through to the mighty set closer Let Love In the 4 guys on stage produce 90 minutes of magic with passion and stunning musicianship with each playing their part.

The rhythm team of Wayne Proctor on drums and Lindsay Coulson on bass are the solid base that keeps the band ticking over with that fantastic quality of being able to dictate the pace as the songs ebb and flow.

Bob Fridzema on keyboards and Hammond organ is simply mesmerising adding a huge depth to the sound and filling in the gaps but on a couple of lengthy solo spots showing he is one of the best in the business.

Up front and resplendent in his kilt is Alan Nimmo.Surely one of this great countries vocal finds of all time with a voice that is pure velvet with a range and melodic tone to die for.Add that to his quite unbelievable guitar playing that leaves the crowd awe struck in it's intensity,passion,soul and artistry the man has it all and I remember the show at Gloucester on this tour seeing the crowd open mouthed at his majesty.

Highlights are so hard to pick as for me the 90 minute set works as a whole as all great live albums should when you struggle to pick a number but feel the need to listen to it all time and again.But I will.

Rush Hour is even more stunning live with Nimmo's voice at it's finest with some of my beloved light and shade mid song with Hammond surges adding to the ambience and making the song sound huge.The band dynamics are breath taking and a big crowd sing along on woah woah's to the end of the song take it off the scale.Nimmo seems to add more sing alongs as he is just getting such a fantastic reaction from the crowd.You can hear in his voice what fun he is having.

A Long History Of Love is a 10 minute slow groove with Fridzema's Hammond at the fore front and Nimmo's voice set to stun.Simply beautiful.The perfect way to extend a studio version to a live tour de force without losing its soul and character and only adding to it's beauty.

You Stopped The Rain is the perfect summer song all tempo and smiles and Nimmo again shows off his vocal prowess with the band dynamics again impressing as they take it down mid song before kicking back in on Nimmo's wonderful guitar solo.The man never overplays and shows it isn't about how many notes you play but how you play them.

Frankie Miller's Jealousy starts on a Nimmo vocal and keyboard intro that have the hairs on the back of your neck stood to attention at it's majesty and is all the better for it's laid back feel.

Stranger To Love from Reaching For The Light is extended to a 13 minute show stopper from it's slow groove beginning and and really kicks in with a big guitar riff at the first chorus as the rhythm team excel from its hard hitting chorus to the gentle back up to Nimmo's wonderful guitar pickings with so much emphasis on each note.It drops to a whisper with the crowd at one with the band before a building up to a big rock climax.Fantastic.

Let Love In ends the show in style kicking up a real treat leaving the crowd wanting more as all great shows should.

King King are the here and now and in the live setting as this superb document of a great live show are the best there is.

They hit the road again shortly with Broken Witt Rebels in support.Do yourself a favour and get along to a show you won't regret it.

All Photo's Credited: © Laurence Harvey with thanks.


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