Queensryche Islington Academy 28-08-16

Queensrÿche @ 02 Islington Academy - London, United Kingdom

2 great support sets both being totally different warmed the healthy Bank Holiday Sunday crowd with Methodica showing us their progressive rock stylings before Archer Nation smashed us over the head with their heavy bordering on thrash set.Led by a young James Hetfield look alike their set whizzed by with a fantastic cover of Megadeth's Tornado Of Souls a highlight.

Queensryche seem to be permanently on the road with this being their 3rd UK appearance with Todd LaTorre in 3 years.

He really is the star of the show and has grown into a world class front man with a voice that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention.
Yes he does sound like Geoff Tate but now he can stand on his own feet as he puts in a world class vocal performance and yes he hits the note at the start of Queen Of The Reich like it is 1983 all over again.

The rest of the band are all consummate performers with the legendary Eddie Jackson on bass and Scott Rockenfield on drums one of the best rhythm teams out their and Parker Lundgren and Michael Wilton on guitars excel in their twin leads.Wilton seems to have stepped up to the plate in the last couple of years and is a great foil alongside LaTorre.

Only one complaint was the set length.Only an hour for the main set with a 2 song encore giving us only 75 minutes of the headline act.Not good enough and only 2 new songs from last years Condition Human cd but a great addition with Best I Can which is rarely played.

Come back soon guys but please play longer.


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