Voodoo Vegas Freak Show Candy Floss cd review

Voodoo Vegas release album number 2 on November 4 via PHD with it being the follow up to 2013's The Rise Of Jimmy Silver debut and last years wonderful Hypnotise EP.

Recorded at Los Rosales Studios in Moralzarzal, Spain, 'Freak Show Candy Floss' was engineered and produced by Guillermo “Will” Maya (The Answer) who also produced Hypnotise too which was the first new music with the current line up of Lawrence Case on vocals / harmonica,Merylina Hamilton on guitar,Ash Moulton on bass,Jonno Smyth on drums and Jon Dawson on guitar.

After 2 years of non stop gigging across Europe Voodoo Vegas are the ultimate road warriors and any difficult second album thoughts are quickly consigned to the dust bin as this 10 track opus release it's many qualities from the opening blast of Backstabber to the heavy rocking album closer Walk Away.

Led by the charismatic front man and hugely impressive pipes of Lawrence Case who also adds harmonica when the need requires and the band are based on a rock tight rhythm team with the twin guitar team of Hamilton and Dawson equally adapt at riffing but with plenty of melody and guitar melodies abound.

Backstabber is the opening track and shows a real intent with huge riffs and crashing drums and a superb chorus and the first of many superb guitar solo's.

Long Time Gone is built on a stop start guitar riff that breaks out into a Celtic style jig guitar melody and a superb drum rhythm with loads of drum fills and another big chorus.

Resolution shows a real maturity in the band's song writing starting with an acoustic guitar intro and Case's melodic vocal before a big guitar riff kicks in with a near double bass drum assault before Case's vocal on the pre chorus moulds alongside a biting guitar melody.
A wah wah infused guitar solo of real quality only adds to a song begging to be played live.

Killing Joke after an electric picked guitar intro has a huge guitar riff that can only be described as slabs not riffs.The band dynamics again shine through with more complex drum patterns alongside the riffs and another highly melodic guitar solo that cuts through the main riff.In the outro Case again goes up against more soloing as vocals and guitars combine to great effect.

Lady Divine is another built on a stop start guitar riff but has acoustic guitar on the second verse before the main guitar riff kicks in at the chorus.Great to see some of my beloved light and shade as the song ebbs and flows before harmonica soloing in the outro.

Poison has a real bluesy stomp feel to it as one guitar plays a lick while the other riffs hard before more harmonica after the first chorus.The song has a real groove to it and you can imagine the band having some real fun with it in the live setting.

Black Heart Woman is a driving rocker with Case all over the pre chorus with guitar melodies again all over it before it all builds to another guitar heavy chorus.Love the slowed down guitar solo as the band take it down a notch before building it to a real climax with the lengthy solo impressing.

Sleeping In The Rain is an acoustic ballad with an unplugged feel giving Case a chance to shine with his vocal range and showing the band are no one trick ponies and also again showing how their song writing is maturing.

I Hear You Scream and Walk away are the classic heavy rocking 1-2 to finish the album all heavy riffing and groove with choruses to match and leave you wanting more as all great albums should.

Voodoo Vegas have made me like Candy Floss and I never thought I would ever say that with a classy second album that shows the band developing into a power house act and with the band forever on the road get yourself out there and support them asap.


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