Anvil - The Parish, Huddersfield - 19 October 2016

A good size crowd was packed into The Parish to see Anvil tonight. If anyone had come to see an evening of high art and culture they were probably in the wrong place, but if you had come to have a good night and hear some great rock n roll you definitely in the right place.
From the off it was clear we were in for a wild night with Lips jumping into the crowd to play the opener March of the Crabs.

The evening was filled with classics like 666, Badass Rock N Roll, Mothra, Oh Baby, Winged Assassins and This is Thirteen which everyone sung along with.

Of course there was also plenty of clapping and fist punching throughout the evening. Drummer Robb "Robbo" Reiner delivered a power driving set, including a really great solo and the newest member of the trio Chris Robertson kept it all trundling along with his fine bass rifts. We had a couple of songs from the current Anvil CD – Anvil is Anvil. The first being the crowd pleasing Daggers and Rum (songs about pirates always go down well) and then Die for a Lie.  

The evening was brought to an end with Metal on Metal and Lip was again back playing in the crowd. The band seemed to enjoy the night and the crowd all appeared to have a great time as well

Well done Anvil.


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