Nickelback Wembley Arena 17-10-16

Monster Truck opened up and for 45 minutes showed Wembley no respect from the off with shirt off guitarist Jeremy Widerman riffing like mad and running all over the place and their stoner rock went down well with the massed ranks.

Old Train had plenty of woah woahs and bringing Ryan Peake out early for the guitar solo in For The People was a great touch and For The Sun showed a slower bluesy feel to the material.

An excellent support slot and I for one will check them out next time round.
Here is what they played.

Why Are You Not Rocking?
She's A Witch
Old Train
Don't Tell Me How To Live
For The People(guitar solo by Ryan Peake)
For The Sun
Sweet Mountain River
New Soul
Righteous Smoke
The Lion

Nickelback are back in the UK a year or so after the No Fixed Address tour was cancelled due Chad Kroeger's vocal surgery.

For 2 hours and 15 minutes they proved again they really are one of arena rock's top performers.

Here is what they played.

Edge Of A Revolution
Something In Your Mouth
Too Bad
Far Away
Figured You Out
If Today Was Your Last Day
Dirty Laundry (Don Henley Cover)
Flat On The Floor/Fight For All The Right Reasons
Woke Up This Morning
Mistake(Big Wreck cover)acoustic
When We Stand Together
What Are You Waiting For?
Gotta Be Somebody
How You Remind Me
Everlong (Foo Fighters cover)
Where Do I Hide
Burn It To The Ground

After the total turkey that was the No Fixed Address cd this was a greatest hits plus set that showed off their entire catalogue including their most recent cover of Don Henley's Dirty Laundry.

They did dip into the NFA cd for opener Edge Of A Revolution which in my opinion was the cd's only saving grace and was shown with all 3 screen's behind the band showing suitable revolution footage.

The band as they do spend a fortune on their stage show with a huge light rig and screens to match with a loud but very clear sound that really showed off their heavier end to their sound.

Chad was his usual chatty self and only towards the end of the set did he vear to too much as they took the curfew fine for adding songs to the set.

The start of the set was superb with Something In Your Mouth and then Animals were hit full throttle and the band showed a real hunger and attitude after their lengthy illness break.
Too Bad had the whole arena bouncing before Far Away had the first audience participation sing a long.

Ryan Peake is a great foil to Chad with some great back up and a  lead vocal on the Foo Fighters Everlong cover.I loved Chad's comment about Ryan wearing blue with the rest of the band in their trademark black to which Ryan responded my solo career starts in April 2017.

From our perch on the arena's side we had a great view of drummer Daniel Adair who was immense.During the mid set instrumental for FOTF his drum barrage was amazing and his constant driving of the band showed his class.

A dip into their first album and an acoustic take on Mistake took the pace down a notch before 2 fans one man one woman became Rockstar's and did a pretty decent job too.

Ending the set with the mass singalong How You Remind Me was just fantastic before a 3 song encore ending with the monumental Burn It To The Ground which had the whole arena on its feet and wanting more as all good shows should.

They have their many detractors but they really are a superb live act and that is what it is all about.


  1. great review! 100% agree with this, saw them live in Birmingham after not seeing them play live for a good few years, was a really good reminder about why I love seeing them live so much! really good live arena band, one of my favourites for sure!


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