Beth Hart Bristol Colston Hall 17-11-16

After a dreadful journey to Bristol with 3 accidents seen including a big one on the M4 and appalling weather too I sadly missed Colin James who played a 30 minute acoustic warm up set.

The sold out crowd built and the anticipation grew as show time approached before the lights dropped and Beth's band came on stage and started the classic I Will Love You More Than You Will Ever Know and Beth's vocal was fantastic from the word go but where was she?

As applause broke out from the back of the hall there she was dressed in a little black dress and killer red heels and meeting her adoring fans.She shook hands,high fived and cuddled her way to the stage not missing a note and made you realise how loved she is by her audience who hang on every word she sings.

As the song ended she finally made her way onto the stage and after a quick kiss from her adoring husband Scott the first audience stand to applause broke out.

She is the whole package a voice and stage presence to die for with a ready wit and of course so fragile all at the same time.Everyone can relate to her and the warmth the crowd feel to her is mind blowing and when she talks between songs we listen to every word and you could hear a pin drop.

What I love is how the setlist becomes a distraction to her and is changed depending on the vibe and just how she feels at any given time.

We were treated to a 2 hour show and here is what she played

I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know (Blood Sweat And Tears cover)
Let's Get Together
Coca Cola
I'll Take Care Of You (Bobby Bland cover)
Can't Let Go (Randy Weeks cover)
Might As Well Smile
Fat Man
The Ugliest House On The Block
St Teresa
Tell Em' To Hold On
Baddest Blues
Love Is A Lie
Good Day To Cry
Lifts You Up
Tell Her You Belong To Me
Take It Easy On Me
We're Still Living In The City
Encores of
I'd Rather Go Blind (Etta James cover)
As Long As I Have A Song (acapella)

Photo credit Liz Aiken

I have been fortunate to see Beth on many occasions and after last year's quite incredible Union Chapel solo show and the last tour featuring 2 guitarists this tour had a stripped back feel with her band consisting of Jon Nichols on guitar, Bob Marinelli on bass and Bill Ransom drums.

All played their part with the rhythm team as solid as a rock and Jon's superb guitar playing all very capable of taking it down to a whisper but also rock out on the new album's Fat Man after Beth's thoughts on Donald Trump's recent election victory.

Beth's energy level's never dropped whether she was singing behind an acoustic guitar or her piano and she is a great front woman too.

Photo credit Liz Aiken

New album Fire On The Floor had 5 songs played including Coca Cola about her days as a youth on the beach,the single Love Is A Lie and the emotion packed A Good Day To Cry which was just fantastic.

Love The Ugliest House On The Block again with lyrics we can all relate to and some humour too same another stand out moment.

Last song of the main set had Beth again dispensing with the setlist and choosing We're Still Living In The City to sing to her Scott and leaving the stage to another standing ovation.

After a short break she returned and we had a huge treat.Un played on this tour so far was I'd Rather Go Blind the Etta James number that she recorded with Joe Bonamassa and wow just wow.The hairs on my neck stood to attention as her vocal soared to the stars and the superb sound system played it's part too.Jon's mid song guitar solo was superb but my god her vocals were sublime with passion emotion and soul dripping from every syllable.
A life highlight.

The evening ended with an acapella version of As Long As I Have A Song because her manager likes it like played that way and was a fitting ending to a night where we were treated to a performance from in my opinion the world's best female vocalist.

Simply stunning.


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