Raveneye Bullingdon Arms Oxford 27-10-16

After a short warm up from a local act who's name I missed,a small but vociferous crowd welcomed Raveneye to Oxford who are touring in support of their debut cd Nova released recently on Frontiers Records Srl.

Hitting the stage like a battering ram they played 10 tracks off Nova and 2 from their debut ep Breaking Out in their 80 minute set.

Here is what they played.
Come With Me 
No Bodies Soul
Breaking Out
Oh My Love
Encore of
Hey Yeah Yeah

Led by guitarist and vocalist Oli Brown the 3 piece hit hard from the word go with the rhythm team of Adam Breeze on drums and Aaron Spiers on bass providing the musical rock for Oli to riff away to his heart's content.

Playing heavy rock with hints of Black Sabbath and the more modern rock of Muse and Royal Blood and a tiny hint of the down tuned grunge era it is a maelstrom of guitar riffs and pounding drums with some superb melodic choruses.

The band have a telepathic understanding of rhythm and groove and there are plenty of time changes with no loss of power.

Oli Brown is a fantastic guitar player and I would love to see more soloing as his melodic leanings on the mostly acoustic set closer Eternity was a joy to see and his vocal range was shown too as the acoustic song takes off mid song.

A 2 song encore ended a set from one of the UK's best and most promising acts and I can't wait to see their growth over the next few years.


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