Y&T Bristol Academy 06-11-16

Autumn is here and is as regular is Y&T's annual UK tour for that we will always be thankful.

This year's support and a first for me was Praying Mantis who's Legacy album in 2015 was a highlight.NWOBHM to everyone but a mighty fine melodic version if that is possible.
Their 30 minute 6 song set was past in a flash with a good mixture of older material plus two from Legacy.
Here is what they played

Fight For Your Honour
Panic In The Streets
Dream On
Captured City
Children Of The Earth

New vocalist John Cuijpers was an imposing figure and had an excellent voice and to his right Tino Troy on guitar was having a ball never standing still and producing riff after riff and some superb melodic soloing too.

Oldie Children Of The Night finished a wonderful but brief set and they left to a great reception and like me everyone wants to see them again soon.

Y&T I have loved for over 30 years and these yearly visits always prove again and again that they are truly one of the world's finest live acts.

Playing for 2 and a quarter hours this what they played.

On With The Show
Lipstick And Leather
Don't Stop Runnin'
Dirty Girl
Don't Bring Me Down
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
Winds Of Change
Blind Patriot
I'll Keep Believin' (Do You Know)
Black Tiger
Midnight In Tokyo
Down And Dirty
Hang Em' High
I Believe In You
Contagious with drum solo
Summertime Girls
Rescue Me
I'm Coming Home
Encores of 
Open Fire

Every single year is a treat and you think they won't top that and every year we come back and leave with a huge grin from ear to ear thinking they have done it again.

A change in personnel after the departure of Brad Lang on bass sees a new recruit in Aaron Leigh who is less flamboyant than his predecessor but a more than adequate replacement.

If there is a harder hitting solid drummer than Mike Vanderhule then I haven't seen him and stage right John Nymann is the perfect back up with his mighty riffing and his guitar solo on Dirty Girl is always a highlight.

Stage centre Dave Meniketti is just a phenomenon.His wonderful melodic voice and simply jaw dropping guitar playing are as ever on top form and he gets better and better with age and produces a display of soul emotion and power that is rarely bettered.

Before Winds Of Change Dave explained how just after the start of the European tour news reached them of the death of original drummer Leonard Haze and then last week the death of Tom Size who was their sound man and studio engineer for many years.
The song was dedicated to them and wow Dave's emotion was plain to see as by the end he had tears streaming down his face and the standing ovation as the song ended had every hair on the back of every neck stood to attention.Amazing.

I Believe In You was a 10 minute tour de force as every year and Dave's guitar solo was mind blowing and another standing ovation for the man was justified.

I could go on and on but safe to say I and the devoted fan's will be back next year and we are never ever disappointed.


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