Tyketto Islington Academy 26-01-17

Rescheduled from November due to family emergencies a large crowd descended on Islington Academy on a bitterly cold night but as soon as Romeo's Daughter hit the stage the temperature soon rose.

Playing a 45 minute 9 song set culled from across their near 30 year career this is what they played.

Heaven In The Back Seat
Attracted To The Animal
Inside Out
I Cry Myself To Sleep At Night
Wild Child

For these dates down to a core 4 piece with no keyboards and led by the velvet vocals of Leigh Matty they were fantastic with an excellent sound and the crowd response grew after each song.
Craig Joiner on guitar is very under rated in my opinion with not a hint of flashiness just great playing and soloing.
2015's Spin cd was represented with Touch and Radio and both fitted in just great alongside the older material with the 1-2 finish of I Cry Myself To Sleep At Night and Wild Child ending the set on a huge high.

Tyketto released new cd Reach back in October and it was in many a critic's end of year best of's for 2016 and the couple of month delay in touring meant as the band blasted into Kick Like A Mule,with Michael Clayton Arbeeny on drums a real powerhouse from the word go, the crowd knew every word from the off.

Playing a 95 minutes set with 4 from Reach and even a track from Shine,with Danny saying he wasn't around for the that one,here is what they played.

Kick Like A Mule
Rescue Me 
I Need It Now
Burning Down Inside
Meet Me In The Night
Dig In Deep
Standing Alone
Catch My Fall
Let It Go
Big Money
Lay Your Body Down
Love To Love
Encore of Forever Young

Tyketto 2017 are a leaner animal than previous line ups with Chris Childs (also of Thunder)on bass,Ged Rylands on keys and backing vocals and the simply mesmeric Chris Green on guitar and previous band Furyon vest and quite stunning stage trousers!!!!

At the front is the main man and in my opinion one of the greatest voices in the whole of music Danny Vaughn.As he admits my he can talk as he does through out and is the prefect witty host but my oh my that voice gets better and better with age.Deep,powerful with a tone and clarity to die for he was on top form and a whirling dervish as he never stood still.

New tune I Need It Now fitted in superbly next to classic Burning Down Inside which has fists raised in the air and the crowd in great voice which the band fed off.

Chris Green is a real star with a display of riffing and fast fingered soloing that was a joy to behold.On the older material he reigns himself in being true to the originals but really lets go at the end of Faithless and Love to Love's extended outro where he shows himself to be at the very top of the tree in the shredding department.

Standing Alone is Danny's tour de force and he never disappoints with the crowd word perfect too as the hairs on the back of my neck stood to attention as his stunning voice lit up the whole of London.

Following it with Catch My Fall was a superb 1-2 with the sound crystal clear and the atmosphere in the venue electric.

Let It Go from Shine was a surprise inclusion and the band rattled through it with smiles everywhere.

Lay your Body Down was monumental with band and crowd as one on the Don't Come Easy classic before Love to Love and Chris Greens' guitar extravaganza ended the set on a high.

Only one way to encore with the genre and all time classic Forever Young which is one of my all time favourite song's and again the band and crowd were as one with voices at full throttle and Green again staying true to the original Brooke St James solo.

Tyketto are a band with a classic album now 26 years old but with Reach they have reached out and showed they are a class act for every generation and are here for many years to come.


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