Neal Morse Band Islington Academy 9-4-17

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I am very lucky I go to a lot of gigs and there is rarely a bad one amongst them but there are few that really blow you away and leave you just thinking wow.

This was one of them and from the minute I arrived to a huge queue around the block to the minute I left and I heard a guy next to me say that was one of the best gigs of my life this was a night to remember.

The Similitude Of A Dream their new double album played in full over the course of 2 hours with a short intermission and it was epic.And a 3 song encore of classics too.

With a screen overhead giving extra images but it was the band that blew my mind.

The interplay between them all was telepathic.

The backing vocals were the best I have ever heard.

The music ebbed and flowed like a concerto with peaks and troughs from the heavy The Man In The Iron Cage to the acapella Freedom Song there wasn't a dip in quality and the sound man deserves a medal as it was stunning.

Everyone was a star.From Neal Morse's vocals,keys,acoustic and electric guitar,to Randy George's wonderful bass lines,to Bill Hubauer keys and again stunning vocals,to the one and only Mike Portnoy on drums and vocals who never ceases to amaze and last but no means least the quite incredible Eric Gillette.His vocals were world class and guitar playing off the scale with a melodic tone and he can shred,pick and his lengthy soloing was jaw dropping.

I could go on and on but words aren't enough sometimes.

Buy the album and listen really listen and take yourself on a journey with a stunning piece of music that few have ever matched and wait for the live dvd that is sure to follow.

Neal Morse and his band I thank you.


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