SEVENTRAIN Drummer JOEL MAITOZA Offers Studio Update

The blues-metal act SEVENTRAIN hailing from San Diego, California featuring guitarist Eric Horton (Cage), drummer Joel Maitoza (24-7 Spyz, Shockhead), guitarist Jef Poremba (Wild Mick Brown’s Bourbon Ballet, Kofi Baker, Shockhead), bassist Dino Andino (Tourniquet) and vocalist Eric Koonze (Sicarus) have been busy tracking their new album since late last year.

Drummer Joel Maitoza has released this studio update:

“Following the amicable split between Seventrain and our previous vocalist Jon Campos in 2015, we spent the remainder of that year auditioning singers before officially announcing Eric Koonze as our new frontman. After a one-off show with Geoff Tate’s: Operation Mindcrime in early 2016, the majority of the year was focused on writing new material for our sophomore release. Seventrain officially started pre-production in March of 2016 and we ended up writing 17 completed songs. Since it was difficult for the band to decide on which songs to record for the new album, we decided to track all of them and then vote which tracks will make the final cut once completed. Some of the working song titles are Drowning Me, Now You Know, Running Scared and Magnetic.

The new album was recorded at DML Studios and The Shop Recording Studio in Temecula, CA. As of today, all the music has been completed and we have started tracking vocals this week. We plan to mix this monster in early May. At this point, we are planning on releasing the new album around June/July of 2017, but no date has been officially set at this time.

I’m super excited for everyone to hear the new Seventrain material. I think it’s some of the best music to come out of the band to date. We approached this new album a little differently from the start. Everyone in the band contributed in the songwriting process this time as the bands debut album was primarily written by guitarist Eric Horton and our previous singer. Since we didn’t have a record label deadline to turn in the new album, we really wanted to take our time during the pre-production phase and recording of the tracks to let the songs reveal a life of their own and mature. Verses and choruses changed, vocal melodies and lyrics became stronger, new sections were introduced and added, arrangements were more thought out, heavy songs became heavier and the band became a tighter unit overall. Not to the point of over-analyzing everything, but just giving a bit more attention to detail during the writing and recording process which was a luxury we didn’t have with the first album. The band really wanted to make this album special and didn’t want to just blast something out to the public for the sake of putting out new product. We wanted to make an album that all of us could really be proud of and deliver what our friends and fans expect from us.

Thanks for the continued support and we’ll see you soon!”

The bands first show of 2017 will be with The Iron Maidens on May, 20th at Brick by Brick in San Diego, CA. Additional regional dates are currently being added into the summer.

SEVENTRAIN’s self-titled debut album was released on February 14th, 2014 in the US, Europe and Japan on the bands own label imprint (So. Cal Records) distributed by Alliance Entertainment which is currently available on iTunes and Amazon. The album charted on the CMJ Loud Rock Top 40 at #36 it’s first week to radio on February 25th, 2014 and received favorable reviews by critics worldwide in print and online media. Since the albums release, Seventrain has been direct support on select dates with Pat Travers, Michael Schenker, Skid Row, Black Star Riders, Saving Abel, Red Dragon Cartel, Saliva and Puddle of Mudd. The debut video for their single ‘Bittersweet Seduction’ was released in May 2014 and their second video ‘Broken’ was released in December 2014. Seventrain amicably parted ways with their former singer, Jon Campos who wanted to focus more on his acoustic solo career as the band wanted to pursue a more heavier direction for the new album. Campos was replaced by frontman Eric Koonze (SICARUS) in October of 2015.

For additional updates on the recording of the new album and future tour dates, please visit the Official Seventrain Facebook page:

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