Dan Patlansky Islington Academy 2. 2-5-17

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Due to a large accident on the M40 and the inevitable 40 minute delay I sadly managed to miss the first couple of songs of Ash Wilson's set and as I finally found a reasonable vantage point you could tell from the crowd buzz as the song ended that this was no ordinary support slot.

Ash Wilson's debut cd Broken Machine has just been released to critical acclaim and in my short time with him and his 2 piece band the live setting is where the songs really come alive and his soulful voice and exquisite guitar playing with again soul,emotion,feel and outstanding technique was a joy to see.

This is what they played.

Show Me How To Love You
Worlds Gone Crazy 
Peace and Love 
Out of Time 
Words of a Woman 
The Way You Make Me Feel  (Michael Jackson cover)

Peace And Love's has a funky groove and Ash injects plenty of guitar ad lib melodies in the verse as the bass rumbled underneath giving a real base for Ash in the main guitar solo.

Words Of A Woman was quite simply wonderful with it's story of a relationship breaking down with superb vocals and I love the dynamics of the song with it's mid song lull.The song then exploded with a huge guitar riff and band interplay before Ash took the roof off with the lengthy guitar solo with tons of emotion and the full range of playing from picked held notes to at one point a full on shred and this one song alone worth going to see.Superb.

After a cover of Michael Jackson's The Way You Make Me Feel with a nice bit of audience participation too as all good support slots it left you wanting more with many heading to the merch stand to check out Broken Machine.

Photo Credit Edyta K

Photo Credit Edyta K


Photo Credit Richard Bolwell

Photo Credit Richard Bolwell

Photo Credit Richard Bolwell

Dan Patlansky is touring the UK and Europe for the second time after last year's shows and he has changed his touring band completely with Felix Dehmel (Drums) Jonathan Murphy (Bass guitar)  and Tom Gatza (Keyboard) now his back up and they are fantastic only adding to the band dynamics with Dehmel on drums a whirlwind with some wonderful bass drum work.Kudo's to the sound man as everyone was loud and clear.

As the band came on to check their instrument's Dan started noodling and wow the man is a talent and this was just the warm up.

Within a few minutes the lights dipped and the instrumental Drone saw Dan really letting the notes go with that style of his where it feels that feedback is imminent but he holds it together and his dexterity,speed and guitar pyrotechnic's were a joy to behold.

For an hour and 40 minutes this was the set played

Sonnova Faith
Stop The Messin’
Bring The World To It’s Knees
Bright Lights, Big City (Jimmy Reed cover) 
Bet On Me
Still Wanna Be Your Man
Daddy’s Old Gun
My Chana
Loosen Up
Fetch Your Spade

Sonnova Faith was next up with the band so tight and the dynamics of the song really to the fore.Huge guitar riff and drum thump and how the guitar riff kicks in and out leads to a real heaviness with the light and shade superb.Dan's vocal shows that he has really worked on this side of his talents too with an excellent tone range and power.And of course another  outstanding guitar work out with his style sitting somewhere between Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn and always with the feel of it being close to feedback but always in control.

Stop The Messin' sees the band have some real fun on the funky little number with the band dynamics again impressing in the groove of the song and Dan's wonderful solo leaving jaw's on the floor.

I adore Bring The World To It's Knee's with it's big start stop guitar riff and Dan's impassioned vocal in the chorus outstanding and heads rocked in unison.

Still Wanna Be Your Man is Dan's favourite part of the show he tells us with a slow bluesy song with the chance for him to show off that he has a real soul and a passion for the genre with a lengthy mid song guitar solo that again isn't all about how many notes you play but how you play them.The band take it right down to a whisper and Dan picks so quietly before building it all up to a crescendo.

Daddy's Old Gun was a welcome addition to the set with Dan's raspy vocal line superb and you can see how much he put's into each and every word.He means it. 

Backbite from Dear Silence Thieves has a monster groove before his show stopper ending in My Chana where he takes his guitar on a journey to within an inch of it's life has the crowd bellowing for more.I had seen it before and seeing people mesmerised as they watch it for the first time was fantastic.A small change this time where before Dan's main solo each band member had a chance to shine with Dan taking a back seat.Gatza's Hammond solo was incredible and Dehmel's drum solo one to watch before Dan's party piece.the sounds he gets out of his guitar are like the sound of it dying and I never tire of seeing it being performed.

Fetch Your Spade from breakthrough cd Dear Silence Thieves was a real stomper with Murphy's  bass line rumbling through the venue's foundations and bringing the show to a fantastic climax.

Dan Patlansky star continues to ascend with the sold out notices a reminder of his rise through the ranks.

He is due back in the studio shortly before we see him again on these shores so get to one of the last few dates on this run you won't regret it.

Dan Patlansky photo's credited to Laurence Harvey with thanks.

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