Fates Warning Camden Underworld 02-06-17

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First up was The Riven who have just released their debut ep Blackbird and from the word go they hit the stage with a quality and attitude that belied their tender years.The band interplay was superb and the ability to take the music up to a crescendo but also down to a whisper was very impressive.

Charlotta Ekebergh on vocals had a soulful bluesy voice that fitted in superbly with the heavy rock played with a 70's influence and drummer Olof Axegärd was a man possessed and driving the music with a real power.

Their 6 song set flew past drawing a bigger audience response after each song and with songs as classy as Ain't No Doctor,One Last time,Doctor,Killer On The Loose and set closer Tower a big future should await and one to watch grow over the coming few years.

Here is their video for the song Killer On The Loose

First lets get the whinge out of the way.Doors at 6 support on at 7 for 30 minutes and at 8.05 the lights dip and we wait for fully 30 minutes before the band take the stage.As the curfew hits at 10 the band say sorry we can't play anymore due to the curfew well we were in the building for hours as we know they were as there was a meet and greet at soundcheck before the doors opened.Annoying.

I will be honest and say that Fates Warning have passed me by.35 years in the business and when my good friend Neal said he was off to see them in Holland earlier in the year and haven't you heard the stunning new album Theories Of Flight?No and totally my loss as hearing the album it was one of 2016's finest.A date in London added so here we go.

Playing a retrospective set from across their career this is what they played in their 85 minute set.

From The Rooftops
Life In Still Water
A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Part 3
Seven Stars
A Handful Of Doubt
The Light And Shade Of Things
A Pleasant Shade Of Grey Part 4
A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Part 6
The Ivory Gate Of Dreams 7 Acquiescence
The Eleventh Hour
Point Of View

Encore of Monument

The very healthy sized crowd and a lot more than their last visit 10 years ago we were told were rabid from the start as we were treated to a progressive rock masterclass.

Opener From The Rooftops from the new cd went from quiet beginnings and the stunning vocals of Ray Alder amazed as he really means every single word he sings with a clarity and passion and tone before the song soared and the rest of the band kicked in.
Stage left Jim Matheos on guitar is a model of concentration and his solo's were beautifully played and thought out.Stage right Michael Abdow is the touring guitarist and again he impressed with his solo's not just a smattering of notes but telling a story.
Joey Vera on bass was a little less manic than with his other band Armored Saint but no less impressive and he was always imploring the crowd to give more and at the back drummer was Bobby Jarzombeck was quite simply sensational a blur of hands and double bass drumming.

All of the set was joyously received and love the look of intensity throughout on the faces of Alder and Matheos and came to a head on the simply stunning the Light And Shade Of Things were the the music ebbed and flowed through quiet passages to a full on band work out mid song and then back again.10 minutes has never gone so quickly.

Love the huge chorus and big riff of Seven Stars too with the crowd joining in with a near sing along.

The Eleventh Hour and Point Of View had the crowd in raptures before the single encore of Monument had us really wanting more but losing out to the curfew.

My loss not being into Fates Warning for all these years and let us hope they return soon for another visit.

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