Stone Broken - Craufurd Arms 13th June 2017

Fresh from their Download debut, Stone Broken are flexing their ever improving musical muscles in the very sweaty backroom of The Craufurd Arms in sunny Milton Keynes.

Supporting the Chris Jericho fronted Fozzy,  they stormed through a 40 minute set taken mostly from their debut EP and album.

A lot of the die-hard Fozzy fans decided to stay outside and enjoy another drink in the sunshine rather than come in and witness a band that get's better each time I see them : frankly it's their loss.

After the gig the band chatted with fans and posed for the obligatory selfies for ages before disappearing to upstairs clutching takeaway pizza.. Rock n Roll eh?

The future looks bright for this four piece from Walsall as the the two new songs that they fitted into the set (now there's a confident move for a support band!) sounded as catchy and impressive as anything on the All In Time album.

Touring with Living Colour and the almighty Cheap Trick, along with more festivals can only boost the profile of this band, which if there is any justice in the world, have the potential to be one of the biggest and best.

I also quite fancied getting one of their Hip Flasks too, but I assume the merchandise area was unattended due to a pizza delivery !  Ah well, I'll get one at Rambling Man in a few weeks.


ps: I did take some photos to use, but the woman in front of me seemed to have an uncanny knack of getting in the way at exactly the wrong time.. so the pic here is from the Stone Broken website .. @stonebroken if we cannot use it, please get in touch and we'll take it down)

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